Slow-Cooker Lid Holder

The LidSkid™ is brought to you by Sventex LLC

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Check out the new LidSkid(TM) design. It’s like a Lid Butler(TM) for your slow cooker.    We have LidSkid’s on hand. Get your Holiday gifts in one stop.  

Slow Cooker Info

There are a number of companies making slow cookers today, and the LidSkid will work on them all. The outside and bottom of the housing gets hot, over 200°F (93°C), so the LidSkid is made from higher temperature materials.

The slow cooker cooks your food over longer times at a relatively low temperature compared to other cooking methods, allowing for unattended cooking of many meals. It’s the type of cooking that can be turned on in the morning and be ready for lunch or dinner. And it makes a great serving method for parties or pot luck meals.

Slow cooker are cost effective to operate at just a few cents per hour, and it allows for use of lower cost cuts of meat, since the slow cooking process tenderizes the meat over the long cooking times.

Today’s common slow cooker consists of a ceramic cooking pot, surrounded by a metal housing containing an electric element and lid often made of glass. The glass lid collects water vapor that condenses on the cover which flows to the edges, providing a low pressure seal.


There are many published recipes for slow cookers (crock-pots). The long, moist cooking is particularly suitable for tougher and cheaper cuts of meat–for many slow-cooked dishes these cuts give better results than more expensive ones.

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