Slow-Cooker Lid Holder

The LidSkid(TM) is brought to you by Sventex LLC

(Shown in these photos are the original LidSkids, our newest product can be seen on “New LidSKid Design” page)

Holds lid in perfect location over the rim of the pot.

Moisture drips back into the pot, not on the counter.

Raises hot cooker off the counter to protect surface.

LidSkid sits close to the cooker, not taking up valuable counter space.

Works on existing slow cookers.

Collapsible design stores in drawer with other kitchen utensils.

Fun design, great for any party or as a gift.

The LidSkid works well on big and small slow cookers. All brands of slow-cookers need the LidSkid. It is surprising how no body, including Jarden Corp, who makes the original Crock Pot brand slow cooker has addressed this common problem, in as nice of a way as the LidSkid(TM). There appears to be a rebirth of the slow cooker with many recipes and new cookbooks for slow-cookers. Many households have more than one because they make a great server for parties.

Can you relate to the problem of searching for a place to put the lid at a party, and maybe even dropping the lid and breaking it? Then you have to get a replacement cover or buy a whole new cooker. The LidSkid eliminates that problem by holding the lid securely where you want it.