Slow-Cooker Lid Holder

The LidSkid(TM)

The LidSkid™ is like having a Lid-Butler™ for your slow cooker. The slow cooker is also known as a Crock-pot or Slo-cooker, which has been around for over 40 years. Nothing until the LidSkid, has effectively addressed the obvious problem of holding the lid in the perfect location with the ability to use it on all brands of slow cookers, new and old, big and small, round and oval. Here’s some comments from LidSkid owners:

“I set the LidSkid up at a party and everyone loved it. It works better than anything else I have seen.It’s sturdy and effective”

“It holds the lid in the right place, just above the rim and keeps the table organized and clean”

“I’m going to buy one for all my friends”

“I use my Crock-pot all the time and I love the LidSkid”

  Why is it called the LidSkid(TM)? A skid is a pallet or platform that a machine is put on for storage. The LidSkid holds the slow cooker and lid, like a pallet.

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